I got a link from a friend this morning and it was an interview by a guy I can't readily recollect his name and it was all about discrediting and saying all sorts of things about why people should not tithe. Now this is not new. In the past few months. Lot of articles have circulated on WhatsApp and through all platforms on social media debating why tithe should not be paid to church, how Jesus didn't pay tithe, why tithe should not be monthly and a whole range of subjects of which in later post in the future I will address from a balanced and biblical perspective

So, after watching the video I replied my friend and gave a short comment. He also replied and said,” what do we do to stop this from spreading”, I read that with laughter because I believe I was in no position to stop this wave of teachings. And before now I had thought that these new waves of thinking might just be God saying something new to his church! Not until this morning I changed that believe!

My position changed when I discovered, yes, I have always known this but it didn't occur to me, that the devil can also quote scriptures to start his own wave of heresies and false doctrines! Heretical teachings too have biblical basis! If they don't they will be easily spotted. Therefore, when the devil tempted Jesus he quoted the scriptures all through! (Read Luke 4)

These new waves of teachings on tithes and offerings really has made me reassess what I have been taught over the years on tithing and giving. It did help me come to s higher understanding on this subject though, I will share this with time, but God asked me one question that prompted me to write this. "What will happen to the church when it begins to embrace a wave of teachings that tells her not to give?"

I know the answer. Up until the time the church started giving the church was as poor as a rat! Those were the days when this cliché was popular, "as poor as a church rat!". Those were the days the church had no financial power, no voice in the society. Completing church buildings were a difficulty. Sending missionaries abroad often take months of begging for offerings and pledges. And then there came a revelation of Luke 6:38 and the poor church shed its toga of poverty and took on the mantle of prosperity and started influencing worthy causes in the society!

Recently some churches came together and provided succour to victims of the makurdi flooding. Before now I have seen the church i belong to sending shipments of food and clothing's to war ravage nations Like Liberia and Sierra Leone back then and continue to do so until now. This present prosperous giving church was responsible for opening the world to the less than acceptable standard of living that the inhabitants of KOMA hill were facing back then. I can go o but let's stop for now.

This present prosperous church with its prosperity message has it excesses and weakness, but so is everything in life and every other move of God before it. Yet with it excesses and weakness, of which Christ will continue to wash it until it becomes clean, still I prefer this strong and prosperous church that has influenced and taking its rightful place in our world positively than the one that struggles to take care of itself!

Until the 'giving gospel' the church was described as poor as a rat but when lights came from heaven the financial yoke was broken and the church became enthrone in wealth and influence!

We will argue the biblical rationale of the new wave of teachings much later, but know this that any departure from this present level of giving will only return the church back to right where it used to be - as poor as a rat!


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