That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, concerning the Word of life— the life was manifested, and we have seen, and bear witness, and declare to you that eternal life which was with the Father and was manifested to us’ (1 John 1:1-2)

People doubt God because they have not really experience him! And this was the point that John the Apostle was trying to make here, ‘We have experienced and handle this word of life, we are testament to his manifestation and so no one can tell us otherwise’. You can be confused about what you hear but no one can confuse you of the things you have seen or better still experienced. A strong spiritual experience forms a lasting impression. Overtime this spiritual experience begin to define our theology and definition of God especially when this experience is an experience of the efficacy of the word of God.

Now no one can tell me otherwise about the healing power of God; My God has the power to heal because time and again I have seen him do that – he is Jehopha rapha! Any attempt to preach me out of this believe will be an exercise in futility because I have experienced God in that area so many times.

Back while in Akwa Ibom, there was a guy diagnosed of cancer and barely have 7 days to live according to the doctor. But as he settled with the word of God, the healing power of God was activated by the revelations of God he has received. Its over 17 years now and he is still alive and well in the Lord! This is the power of God at work!

The same God who heals is the same God who has the supernatural ability to provide for our needs when certain word conditions are fulfilled. Healing is available but only accessible by our faith in the word. It’s the same way with our finances, the Jehovah Jireh is still alive to meet our needs only when we meet certain conditions of the covenant one of which is giving.

I knew my parents to be tithe payers, they have certain kind of tithe bag where they religiously kept their tithe to be paid at certain times of the month. They did it with all commitment and religiously. What I don’t know however is if they understood the spiritual significance of what they were doing. Somehow reading through my bible I knew from Luke 6:38 that when I give I will be given as well. At least there was no special theological interpretation to understanding that verse of scripture and I was determined to practise the word. I also knew of Malachi 3:8-11, though today many want to claim the blessings of the old testament but do not want to obey its instructions. From combining the two scriptures I knew giving my tithe will open doors of financial blessings to me even though as a student that wasn’t really a concern as I have parents.

Now I paid my first tithe and that was about 22 years ago. It was N30, a big deal amount of money to me then. And then the unusual happened: few days after someone gave me N200! The highest I was given before then was N50 which were always collected by my parents! However, this time, the N200 was not collected! I was free to do with it as I will. In the first instance the N30 I paid as tithe was not really a tithe because I took it out of a certain N50 I had saved overtime. I just figure out that for all the money had been given in times past that N30 should cover for it! Now this was my first experience with paying my tithes! It established my believe in the word. But what if it was a one-off experience? Possibly. Therefore, I kept at the word, I kept paying my tithe, and as I keep paying I keep having or experiencing those supernatural coincidences where men ‘gave to my bosom’. What happened the times I couldn’t pay my tithe? Yes, there were times I was just plain slack or self-conceited, and I could not pay my tithes, at those times I won’t say I was ‘cursed’ but I did discover that those ‘supernatural coincidences of someone giving you N50000 without asking and is the same amount of money you need to meet a need, tended to slow down or stop altogether!

My pastor has said over and again that if God shows up today and said that there is no heaven again that it is too late. He has made up his mind going to heaven and God showing up to say there is no heaven won’t change that. Why would he say that? He has experienced God so much that not even God can tell him otherwise that he doesn’t exist again. It is the word of life which has been handled!

Those who doubt God are those who have not experience him! They are the men the Psalmist called ‘foolish’ because they know everything else but the word of God! It’s the same who cast doubt on the principle of giving and tithing, they speak from what they read, but we speak from what we have read, known and experience. The campaign to stop the church from giving is too late, we are sold out to God and his kingdom on the earth and as imperfect as the church maybe it is still the institution that represents God on the earth, she is the pillar of truth and to the church I faithfully give my tithes. Yes, I will give to the poor, the less privilege, to my parents, to the hospitalized, but much more I will give to His church which he purchased and washed with His own blood!







  1. Chidi Chukwu Ogbonna 10 October, 2017 at 18:49 Reply

    Thanks for your kind of powertalks and for the faith you offered to the believers and for the unbelievers too! I read your good and power messages and my heart and mind comes as one, I am happy reading your messages and Almighty God will grant you more wisdom and knowledge to understand more and teach us more about God works and words. The good God will enlarge your vision and grace, because without grace and power of God in you, i don’t think you can teach such, because you teach in a way each and everyone of us will understand more better, and God will bless you abundantly and give you more grace to teach us more of HIM.

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