Jesus told Peter, 'I have prayed for thee that thy faith fails not, and when thou hast converted, strengthen thy brethren'. Luke 22:32

Jesus interceded for Peter and committed the same ministry to Peter's hand: ‘when thou hath converted strengthen thy brethren' by doing the same thing I did for you! We strengthened our brethren by praying for them and in the process, strengthens ourselves. When Job prayed for his friends and his own captivity was turned!

"And the LORD turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends: also, the LORD gave Job twice as much as he had before" - Job 42:10.

Today the prayer and principle of intercession remains Jesus present day ministry (Romans 8:34, Hebrews 7:25). The Bible says he ever 'liveth to make intercession for the saints'. While on earth the prayer model Jesus taught in Matthew 6, asked us to first intercede before we ask for any other thing. We were asked to pray "thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth"

Jesus placed kingdom intercession before personal petitions. This highlights the power of the principle of INTERCESSION! Intercession gets heaven attention and provoke divine intervention.

In Genesis 18 Abraham interceded for the land, his intercession brought divine intervention and salvation for the house of Lot!

Job prayed for his friends and his own captivity was turned! (Job 42:10). What you make happen for others in prayer God will make happen for you twice as much! Job got double for his captivity!

Jesus isn't just interceding for us in heaven, He left us the Spirit here to make 'intercession for us with groanings that cannot be uttered'(Romans 8:26). So, the Holy Spirit anoints us to be great intercessors. Through us as we speak in heavenly tongues he makes intercession for us on various issues that concerns us: family, finance, career, business, nation etc bringing the will of God to pass! Therefore, it’s important to unleash the intercessory ministry of the Holy Spirit as we pray in the Spirit daily.

One intercessor can save the destiny of a nation! It took just one lamb to take away the sin of the world. One man's prayer can change the fortune of many!

At this critical point in our nation, we need intercessors who will stand in the gap and birth the will of God for the nation! Your intercession may be the facilitator of the divine intervention this nation so direly need!

"Regarding Zion, I can’t keep my mouth shut, regarding Jerusalem, I can’t hold my tongue, until her righteousness blazes down like the sun and her salvation flames up like a torch. Foreign countries will see your righteousness, and world leaders your glory. You’ll get a brand-new name straight from the mouth of God. You’ll be a stunning crown in the palm of God ’s hand, a jewelled gold cup held high in the hand of your God. No more will anyone call you Rejected, and your country will no more be called Ruined. You’ll be called Hephzibah (My Delight), and your land Beulah (Married), Because God delights in you and your land will be like a wedding celebration. For as a young man marries his virgin bride, so your builder marries you, and as a bridegroom is happy in his bride, so your God is happy with you. I’ve posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem. Day and night, they keep at it, praying, calling out, reminding God to remember. They are to give him no peace until he does what he said, until he makes Jerusalem famous as the City of" Praise. Isaiah 62:1-7 MSG

For our family, community and nation we must not hold back in prayers. Like the prophet here in Isaiah, this must become our commitment: ceaseless intercession until we experience divine intervention! Selah!



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