• The heart cry of our heart is what facilitates the power of God. Prayer is key here for the rain of the Spirit to fall. No wonder it is one of the arts that modern day believers have had to contend with. The devil will have us do everything but pray.
  • Tremendous prayer is what makes tremendous power available! (James 5:17-20). Your prayer base is key to your power base. When you neglect your prayer base you decrease your power base. The church identity was forged and formed on the platform of power and so must ours be! We must linger until we are empowered! And when we are empowered the world will pay attention!
  • It’s time to pray for a fresh breath of the Holy Spirit upon our lives. There is a spiritual edge that the Spirit of God gives the church! In the uncertain times that we live in, a fresh breath of the Spirit of God will fill us with fresh perspective to view the problems of our present world and proffer solutions that will command the attention of the world!
  • The unction of the Holy Spirit produces supernatural dimension of innovation and thinking that earthly wisdom cannot match! For whatsoever is from above is above all. When He that is from above sits on you it takes you above all, above the world and make you a living spectacle.
  • The ultimate church is the one driven by the power of God! The ultimate believer is the one led by the power of the Spirit! Romans 8:14 tells us that the real proof of our sonship is the Holy Spirit at work in us! ‘For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God’
  • Our churches are not just to be purpose driven churches but power-driven churches, because ultimately the purpose of God for the church is to be an ark bearer of his power to the world!

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