• Up until the time the church started giving the church was as poor as a rat! Those were the days when this cliché was popular, "as poor as a church rat!". Those were the days the church had no financial power, no voice in the society. Completing church buildings were a difficulty. Sending missionaries abroad often take months of begging for offerings and pledges. And then there came a revelation of Luke 6:38 and the poor church shed its toga of poverty and took on the mantle of prosperity and started influencing worthy causes in the society!
  • Those who doubt God are those who have not experience him! They are the men the Psalmist called ‘foolish’ because they know everything else but the word of God! It’s the same who cast doubt on the principle of giving and tithing, they speak from what they read, but we speak from what we have read, known and experience.
  • Those who have given themselves to the lord have no problem giving their money to the Lord
  • Really, it's raises question when blood washed believers who so claim to have given their heart to the Lord debates whether or not to give their money to the same lord! It begs the question of whether their affection really lies with the Lord or lies somewhere else? ‘For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also’(Matthew 6:21)
  • Following in the footsteps of the master is not what we say with our mouth it is what we demonstrate with our acts!
  • Those who are bearing precious seeds for the kingdom are doubtless coming back again bringing their harvests with them. These men and women are less bothered about the debates, they are only bother about propagating his kingdom on the earth and as they do that, all things are been supernaturally added to them (Matthew 6:33)
  • Everyone’s walk in this kingdom is by personal revelation and experience of what they believe in. And it is this understanding, revelation and faith that determines everyone’s standing!
  • What impress God is not what we give, but what we give relative to what we have left.
  • God doesn’t take away something without replacing it with something better! In God’s agenda the glory of the latter house will always be greater than the former but so also is the demand of the latter. When he took away the blood of the lambs he replaced it with the blood of his son – something higher and better!
  • If God is taking away the tithe then he is replacing with something better and higher! This is where the new teachers miss it, God isn’t just telling us to stop paying tithes he is asking us to come up hither to a higher level of covenant living that is not dictated by the rules and regulation of the law but from a heart of affection that has receive a better revelation of the blessings of giving.
  • The balance teacher will not tell you that there is no tithe, but that much more today we that have been recipient of this manifold grace of God should not be limited to ten percent, but should give much more not by compulsion or regulation of the law but by revelation of faith! Although the majority of biblical references to the tithe are clearly part of the old covenant, the fact of the matter is that tithing was not introduced under the law. It was merely regulated under the law. Tithing originated as an act of faith and faith transcends both the old and new covenants! And ‘by faith’ is how we should tithe today, and even give much more – not as act of legalism but as an act of faith!








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