• Graced Christians are not lazy Christians! Graced believers are not lazy believers! Because they can do all things in Christ who strengthens them!
  • "This kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting" these were the words of the master. Simply put, there are certain level of unction you cannot attain to without some level of spiritual concentration in fasting and prayer! Spiritual intensity in the place of fasting and prayer will increase your spiritual authority!
  • The principal effect of our fast is on us and not on God! Fasting change us so that we in turn can change our situations and circumstances as higher level of spiritual power determines the level of spiritual authority that we can exercise! That's why Jesus pointed out "THESE KIND goeth not out but by prayer and fasting..." What a weighty statement. Simply put you cannot attain to certain spiritual powers and authority needed to deal with certain kind of situations except by prayer and fasting!
  • David said, "one thing have I desire of the Lord and that will I PURSUE after". How much of change that I want determines how much of it that I pursue. Our depths in God is determine by our level of our desire. How much do I want to be changed? How much level of spiritual power and authority do I desire? The answer to these questions determines how long and how often we give ourselves to fasting and prayer.
  •  In Philippians 3:7-12 Paul talks about how he keeps pressing for higher spiritual levels and authority. Those who wants to keep winning keeps pressing. Only by pressing higher do we get to know God deeper.
  • Just one season of protracted prayer and fasting can alter the spiritual landscape of your life forever.


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