From the last instalment of this series, the master told us that our purpose must become our priority because wasted destinies are the product of misplaced priorities! Having the right priorities is the key to protecting our destiny. Here in John 4:34 there is another word from the master on purpose.

"Jesus said to them, “My FOOD is to do the will of him who sent me and to accomplish his work."(ESV). The word FOOD or MEAT, as used in other translation, represents what a man loves!

Some people can't hide their love for foods generally or certain kind of food! This love or passion becomes obvious when the subject matter is about food or a particular kind of food! As you read this the thought of your best food in a way will be making you to either smile or salivate at the opportunity of eating that food when next you see it  And some of you may even eat that food before the day is over. Food represents one of our passions in life!

The same affinity or passion we have for food or meat is the same passion Jesus had for God's purpose for his life. So he said in John 4:34, "my passion is to do the will of him that sent me".

What is your passion? In the words of the master, YOUR PURPOSE MUST BECOME YOUR PASSION! What should consume your heart should not just be the thoughts of food that you love or the man or woman you love, but more importantly, the purpose and plan of God for your lives! You must love your purpose and live your purpose! Your purpose must be your all-consuming passion, for whatever consumes a man soon consumes his world!

Those who are consumed by their work (purpose) soon consume their world. Remember it was said of Jesus in John 2:17 “the zeal of thine house has consumed me"! And then in three short years, the master consumes his world and thousands of years after, the impact is still felt till today! YOUR PURPOSE MUST BECOME YOUR PASSION!

Today as you read this you must have a resolve to:

  • Find your purpose •love your purpose (if you have found it) and then, •live your purpose and soon enough you will consume your world! Amen.





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