• There is something you must lend your voice to at this moment for only then will you find your voice and become a voice.
  • Leadership is born when a man or woman finds a cause what dying for.
  • During times of crisis ordinary men have often found a purpose that drives them to new heights of leadership! This has been the pattern for all true leaders the world has ever seen, it begins with the discovery of a purpose, a cause that is passionately pursued to the point it inspires others to be part of and fulfill on a greater scale.
  • When God wants to change the direction or the previous narratives he brings new leaders to the scene, men who have been tending the sheep for long but now are ready to be revealed on the battlefield!
  • The more you allow your fears to grow the more it becomes a stronghold and you its prisoner!
  • This is the attitude of great leaders; they take head-on, problems that others are running away from!
  • All great leaders in history were defined by the problems they solved! The calling of leadership is not to complain about problems but to solve them!
  • Great leaders do not fear the odds but believe in God!
  • Testimonies from past victories fill the heart with confidence to face future battles.
  • The leader's word determines the leader’s worth. Great leaders who have shaped history know the import of choosing and speaking the right words, their mouths were directed by their mind.
  • A leader who has integrity sees to it that his words and actions have alignment. It is this true alignment that provokes commitment from followers!


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