Death has no power in the presence of life and when I speak of life I speak of the one that gives life - 'I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly'(John 10:10) Jesus said!

'The words I say unto you they are Spirit and they are life'(John 6:63) and so when he got to the tomb of Lazarus and spoke these words: ‘Lazarus come forth'! They were not just ordinary words but life impacting, live-giving words, and so the dead Lazarus came back to life!

Jesus is life! And in his life-giving presence death has no power! This is why I said in the last write up that until he died on the cross, the two thieves could not die! Because death cannot operate in the presence of the life giver!

Mark these words of his when he got to Martha's house to raise Lazarus.

John 11:20-26, ‘Then Martha, as soon as she heard that Jesus was coming, went and met him:  but Mary sat still in the house.   21 Then said Martha unto Jesus, Lord, if thou hadst been here, my brother had not died.   22 But I know, that even now, whatsoever thou wilt ask of God, God will give it thee.   23 Jesus saith unto her, Thy brother shall rise again.   24 Martha saith unto him, I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day.   25 Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life:  he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:  26 And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?”

Martha told him of how Lazarus couldn't have died if Jesus was there. This is really the truth! However Jesus assured him, 'He shall rise again'! But Martha was thinking theology, so she replied, 'I know he will rise on the last day'. And that's where Jesus has to shout this truth out to Martha: the resurrection is not a theology the resurrection is a person. 'I am the resurrection and the life!' Praise the Lord!

Later when he appeared to John in Revelation he proclaimed the same truth, 'I am he that liveth and was dead; and, behold, I am alive forever more, Amen: and have the keys of hell and death'(Revelation 1:18)!

The 'resurrection' has the keys of death! Death cannot control him! In Luke 4:29-30 they gather together to kill him and thrust him out to the city, at the edge of the hill they planned to throw him off.

Luke 4:28-30, ‘And all they in the synagogue, when they heard these things, were filled with wrath, 29 And rose up, and thrust him out of the city, and led him unto the brow of the hill whereon their city was built, that they might cast him down headlong.   30 But he passing through the midst of them went his way’

But the Bible says "he walking through the midst of them went his way". Why? Because he controls death, he has the keys, he only decides when he goes, and his time has not yet come!

The resurrection is not a theology you believe in, it is a person living in you if you have accepted him into your life as your Lord and Saviour! Be not afraid of death, for death has lost its power over your life!

Hebrews 2:14-16, ‘Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the same;  that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil;  15 And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.   16 For verily he took not on him the nature of angels; but he took on him the seed of Abraham’

The resurrection is a person and that person is the person of the Lord Jesus who lives in you and me! This day you are delivered from the fear of death! Its power over your life is broken now! Walk in the life and light of the Lord! Amen!







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