The miracles and the acts of God present us with great opportunities to preach the word to the world

Opportunities can only be seen by men who are on the lookout for it. Opportunities come to men of vision, men who at every point in time are looking out for that moment where there is a vantage position to seize the initiative and do what needs to be done. This was the position Peter found himself at the beautiful gate just after God has healed the lame man there!

The Bible records, 'when the people inside saw him walking and heard him praising God, and realized he was the lame beggar they had seen so often at the Beautiful Gate, they were inexpressibly surprised! They all rushed out to Solomon's hall where he was holding tightly to Peter and John! Everyone stood there awed by the wonderful thing that had happened. Peter SAW HIS OPPORTUNITY AND ADDRESSED THE CROWD.’(Acts 3:9-11 the Living Bible).

Peter saw 'his' opportunity and then preached the word to the world. And despite the fact that the authorities later came and arrested Peter and John, but the 'damage' has already been done to the kingdom of the devil - 5000 men gave their lives to Christ! Peter looked for an opportunity, saw one and preach the word to a dying world. Now, this wasn't Peter first time!

In Acts 2 after the Holy Spirit came upon the apostles and all the residents and visitors in Jerusalem were awed by the wondrous acts of God and began to wonder what has happened, some were asking questions: ‘are they drunk or what’? Peter saw his opportunity again and according to Acts 2:14 Peter stepped forward, seized the moment, preached the word and 3000 souls were added to the church!

Peter was a man ever alert to opportunities around him to preach the word. Every day of our lives such opportunities to show the living Christ to the dying world will come our way, we must be able to see and seize such opportunities. In fact, as you begin this new working week such opportunities will surface in abundance. Hopefully, you will be 'spiritually alert' to seize such this week.

Every miracle God does in your life is an opportunity to proclaim his goodness to the world. Don't keep silent, tell the world what God has done for you!

At other times it may be the questions of the world that will present you with such opportunities like it was in Acts 2 when the world was seeking for answers and was even doubting the move of God; Peter stepped forward and shared the word. God will do wondrous things in our lives, around our neighborhoods and communities, in the life of our neighbors. With everything and anything, God does around us this year there is an opportunity somewhere to preach the word if only we will look for it.

Like Peter 'saw his opportunity' to preach the word, may you see opportunities for you to advance the cause of his kingdom this week, this month, this year and the remaining days of your life!  Amen.



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