Everyone wants to lead the good life - have a beautiful family, a great home to call your own, some fancy cars and some money stored or invested somewhere that can keep you going possibly when you stop working. It's a good life. However, when Jesus introduces his mission he didn't promise us the good life; he promised us something much better - the abundant life!

Hear him speak in John 10:10, "I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly". This is what Christ brought for us - the abundant life!

Mind you the abundant life is different from the good life. The good life comes by having the good things of life; the abundant life comes by having the giver of life - the giver of those good things in your heart and in your life!

Essentially the good life is a function of what we have while the abundant life a function of who we have! And guess what? The abundant life is superior to the good life! Why? You can have the good life without the abundant life, but when you have the abundant life you can't but have the good life! That's why he said in Matthew 6:25-33, "have me first and you will have everything else"(paraphrase mine)

With the good life you have the good things of life but with the abundant life, you have the giver of every good thing. Because every good and perfect gift comes from the father of light in whom there is no variableness or shadow of turning (James 1:17

The abundant life fills that void in the heart of every man that no material thing in the world can fill!

This abundant life is also that life that gives you things money cannot buy, that 'joy unspeakable full of glory'. It gives you that 'peace that passes all understanding'. It gives you that "blessings of God without sorrow".  The abundant life fills that void in the heart of every man that no material thing in the world can fill!

But just before that statement in John 10:10, in verse 9 Jesus said something fundamental that shows us the path to that abundant life: "I AM THE DOOR...” Here the third "I AM" statement of Jesus is recorded! He tells us, "I bring the abundant life but I AM the door to that abundant life when you go in through me you will find pastures for your spirit, soul, and body!" Jesus is the gateway to the abundant life!

If you don't yet have Him in your life this will be the moment to go through the right "door", please invite him in. If you have him in your heart then you have the abundant life! And hope you recognize the value of what you have? For a man that is in honor and understands it not is like a beast that perishes (Psalm 49:20) Celebrate Jesus "the door" that gave you the passage to this abundant life!



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