The simple-minded person is trite, shallow, on the surface, without deep thoughts or reasoning, always following that which is set down, never questioning or investigating, always trusting and accepting other's people's thoughts and judgment as superior to is! The simple and stupid are without original thoughts or reasoning

The author of the book of Proverbs still has a lot to say on the simple-minded fellow, let's read one or two more scriptures.

||| The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going |||
Proverbs 14:15 KJV

And here is another major definition or characteristic of the simple-minded, it believes everything without any questioning! A simple mind believes everything, however, details and depths give you mental sophistication, depth, originality, and great conviction. And what separates the simple and the prudent we are told in the scripture above is this: " a prudent man LOOKETH WELL to his going". In the prudent man stock is FOCUS, ATTENTION TO DETAILS, DEPTH, and THOROUGH RESEARCH. Before he goes he looketh" well to his going! How much we can do with that simple advice today? Looking well at the things we are told, looking well at the things we read, the advice we are given, the expert's opinion that is shared! Looking well equals seeing well for it is possible to have eyes and still be blind! Don't we have this popular cliche that says eyes that look are many only a few of them sees?

All special insights were birth by special mental focus! Looking well is what has birth every great thinking and innovations! The difference between the man who invented electricity and the rest of us who didn't is the ability to look well and think deeply over the things the average mind gives no thought to! All innovations were birth by men of special meditations, why we look on the surface these men look to the deep!

Those who don't look to the deep are easily deceived! And this is why the whole world has been caught in a worldwide web of deception in the light of the so-called PLANDEMIC that has engulfed the world for that is what it is. From day one I have maintained there has never been a pandemic and I maintain that stand till today for if your mind is well open and you are not simple-minded, looking to the deep you will see clearly how all of this charade was carefully orchestrated!

During the past week, a great friend sent a video detailing over twenty reasons why we never had a pandemic! Some of the reasons are those I have highlighted in my many write-ups! For instance, if there was a pandemic why were our cemeteries not overly busy and overwhelmed? Why are nurses all over the western world going out of jobs? Why are the death rates for the year 2020 lower than the four previous years before it or just about the same. figure? If it's the deadliest virus in the world why will 98% have it, recovered against it without knowing? Why haven't we been using masks for other flu viruses in the past if they are so effective? Droplets from coughing and sneezing are said to travel at least about 30 feet and this begs the question why are we socially distancing only 6 feet? I mean why is the word so dumb that we can't see through all of this charade? Why can't we look deep enough to find the glaring answers?

One scripture answers this and it's found in 2 Timothy 1:7, a popular scripture, but we look at it from a new perspective

||| For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and love, and a sound mind |||
2 Timothy 1:7 KJV

Where there is fear there is no faith and where there is no faith the power of God cannot be experienced. Hence the spirit of fear and power can not be together.

Also, the Bible says perfect love casteth away fear, for where people genuinely love each other there is no fear of even offending each other because love overcomes all things.

And the third thing that is absent when FEAR is present is SOUND MIND which is a sophisticated mind but certainly not a simple mind! In the face of fear, most people lose mental composure and clarity! And it doesn't matter whether they are educated or not! It doesn't matter whether they are doctors or not! While other doctors around the world were not afraid to sound different and spoke against this so-called evil plandemic others just kept silent for fear! Fear of their own lives, because they fear covid-19 as it has been hyped all over the world or fear of losing their license as they have been threatened by the government to shut up? Whichever way fear took over clear reasoning, for if it wasn't fear, no sound doctor will advise everyone to wear a mask, the science backing such act is inconsistent, unproven, and dangerous!

Deep fear and sound reasoning doesn't go together.

When we are overcome by fear we can not walk in power, love, and a sound mind! Hence in other to bring the world to this point of mental simplicity and stupidity the first spell that was cast was that of fear! Sadly the church of Jesus Christ that Isaiah counseled not to "fear their fear" but to set a new standard also fell short flatly and most gospel ministers became a voice for WHO rather than for the gospel! Instead of preaching and teaching the authority of the believers over sickness and disease some preached social distancing and no mask no entry gospel. Some even attempted to rewrite some portions of scriptures that encouraged laying hands on the sick! Am just so wondering how the church in Acts would be looking at us from up there and how they would have relish going against the government and the wisdom of the day to preach Jesus and him crucified! For the gospel of Jesus will not turn away or turn down the sick!

The simple and the stupid! Sadly the church went the way of simplicity, easily believing all the lies that the world was fed. Where is the anointed perspective that the Holy Ghost gives? Where is the wisdom of God that trumps the wisdom of the world? When the anointing came on Jesus it made him of quick understanding and the effect of that was that his judgment was above what the natural data and statistics could provide! Jesus was prudent, he looked deeper than what was on the surface and so great wisdom flow from him!

On the surface, that woman caught in adultery was brought before him. ought to be judged, but when Jesus look deeper he asked himself some. salient questions: how could it be just the woman? what about the man? He looked well and saw beyond the charade. This is what prudency does it gives you unusual perspective and insight into that which is mundane!

The prudent man looketh well to his goings? Can we begin to look well and not believe every word utter on CNN or some clusters of experts who think they are all-knowing and every other voice different from theirs is false? Only the simple-minded believe the experts are gods and not to be questioned. However, when you have the mind of Christ and are conscious of its power and potential you know beyond doubts there is no field of knowledge or understanding beyond your grasp! It's time for the church to start living in the realities of the things it has taught over the years, living it is what makes it real and powerful! If we truly believe we can tread upon serpents and scorpion then let's begin to do that now, it's time the written word becomes the living word!

When would we shine our light other than when perverse darkness envelops the world? In the world's greatest hour of need we became simple-minded and fearful and went the way of the world, we didn't look well to our goings and we ended up been caught in this frenzy, fear, and desperation that engulfed the world. But from here on we repent and align ourselves with the word of God! How many want to do that as you read this? Let's go before God and acknowledged how little we have made him be and let's ask that we would always walk in his wisdom and understanding, especially from this new month!


||| The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple |||
Psalms 19:7 KJV

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