Mental strength is a function of mental depth and depth in the mind is rooted in in-depth knowledge. What the simple-minded person lacks his depth and mental sophistication! When the volume of information available on a particular subject matter is limited so will be the quality of thinking and decision on that subject! We are only as mentally buoyant as the knowledge that is available to us! In other words, mental buoyancy is a function of abundant knowledge. See what the Bible says here about the wise man.

||| The wise accumulate knowledge—a true treasure; know-it-alls talk too much—a sheer waste ||| Proverbs 10:14 MSG

The emphasis here is on the word - ACCUMULATE, which means to store up, and that is why the next few words after this describe this knowledge accumulation venture as a TRUE TREASURE! The wise man in other words is a reservoir of knowledge - he stores them up! And then in the hour of need, this treasure of knowledge begins to spring forth in good reasoning, broaden mentality leading to well-informed and quality decisions or ideas as a result. A reservoir of knowledge is what broadens perspective and expands horizons! What the simple-minded man lacks is the broaden horizon that allows a man to look well to his goings before making decisions. Remember that scripture in Proverbs:

|| The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going |||
Proverbs 14:15 KJV

The simple-minded man lacks the mental sophistry to question that which is put before him because his knowledge base is NARROW, SHALLOW, and PAROCHIAL! This is why it will easily believe everything and anything! And I will not just be doing justice by saying been 'simple-minded' to believe everything is due to the shallowness of the mind, that is one part of the problem, but it's much more! People who believe everything put before them innately do not trust their mental judgment and ability to reason! The simple minded man has a knowledge problem as well as a self-image problem, however developing your knowledge base to a certain extent will make your mind not to easily believe everything, because your mind has grown to the point it can screen every word, every message that tries to pass through it!

For instance, the world is at that stage where there is a contemplation on whether to take the mRNA vaccine that is been pushed as the cure for covid-19? Well, it doesn't appear like the cure because vaccines are never intended as a cure but to help the body builds immunity to fight the virus. Basically, this is the basic technology and central thought in the development of every vaccine, it is about immunity and not about curing, this is a fact that can't be argued!

In an attempt to get us all to take the vaccines the government is putting out on radio, tv, and various social media platforms, a lot of 'experts' are telling us how safe this vaccine is! Now, the simple-minded will say 'wow, that is it, the vaccine is safe'. And then he goes on sounding like an expert to others who haven't had the time to listen in and tell them 'expertly' how this vaccine is safe! That is the simple-minded for you, it believes everything!

However, the one who has developed mental sophistication through broadened perspective and reservoir of knowledge knows that in the medical world there are those practitioners who are beholden to the establishment on one side - the government and the big pharmaceuticals - and then there are the independent medical practitioners who are not loyal to any institution or establishment on the other side! These men have no control interest group or medical establishment dictating for them what to say or not to say. The wise man who wants to seek true enlightenment and balance will listen to both sides of the divide before committing to a decision! This is how the prudent man looks well to his going, the simple-minded keeps quoting Dr. Anthony Faucci as if that person is the only person with the monopoly of knowledge!

The prudent man looketh well to his goings, so when I looked well at all the words and debates on the vaccine controversies then I could deduct the following

• The vaccine's effectiveness they say is 95%, but over 99.5% of people will overcome this virus without even knowing they have it. So for me, it's clear stupidity to take the vaccine while 99.5% of the time a strong body immunity suffices

• Till date the nano particle or nano chip that is the carrier of this vaccine has not been proven safe, it is highly toxic and not even the Fauci of the world can deny that. Am not going to risk my well being over a stranger in the body that no one can convince me that is safe.

This amidst many other reasons are why I will not be taking any mRNA vaccine. I use this as an example to drive home a point. Ask the simple-minded why they should take the vaccine and you will get answers like "they said it is safe", " our president took it on live Tv", "historically vaccines have always been the answer", all lame and shallow answers that does not speak to the current realities. Why is this so? The simple-minded man will not look well to his goings.

And should we also conclude that the simple-minded gets some sorts of knowledge only that they are from the wrong source? Well today I highlight three source of knowledge today

Mainstream Media

Mainstream media should be a source of knowledge but majorly it has been a source of information and propaganda. The government and powerful people set up media houses to control the narrative, public opinion and perspective. What you get at best from mainstream news media is information, regular info that tells you on the surface what is happening in our world and still, that is bent to suit whoever is giving the news. I have worked in media houses and I know only the news the editor permits makes it to the air or the print, and still, this information comes with some sentimental coloration of the editor or the owners of the media house. This is the sad truth about mainstream media! This is why oppressive government clamp down on media houses who deal in narratives that are different from what the governments intend to put out there.

Social media:

Gossip and second-hand information, sentimental opinions of various bents and perspective, Information and knowledge that sometimes you cannot prove, this is what you get 80% of the times from social media. It's a place where people air their opinion, and everything you come across on this platform you want to carefully critique and analyzed before you assimilate. Before it use to be the people meeting place where they can freely speak up their mind, today its been censored, monitored and controlled to speak only what certain people want. That's why during this covid, people like Bill Gates who are not doctors can speak freely on the virus and vaccine while doctors who are experts cannot, as long as their narrative contradicts what the powerful people want people to know. So we have today almighty fact cjeckers, no, its not fact checking it is censorship! The simple-minded will believe otherwise!


The tragedy for this generation is that it spends more time on the media than with books, so we have a generation that is simple and stupid! It's the information age and books are the last place for this generation to get that information and knowledge! Books are for decorating libraries, libraries themselves are for show, for beautifying the office and not for elevating the mind. Thousands of books are written on different subjects and different fields that can elevate the mind to new levels of reasoning and perspective. The wise man will spend more time in his library than on the social media or TV! The wise man will spend more time facing his Bible than with Facebook, for that book is still the best book of all time!

The simple minded generation spends more time with the first two source of information than with the last, hence the simple mindedness and stupidity of an age that ought to be the age of information is mind boggling!

The writer of Proverbs offers the solution to simple-mindedness in Proverbs 24:6,

||| For by wise counsel thou shalt make thy war: and in multitude of counsellors there is safety |||
Proverbs 24:6 KJV

The counsel from here is simple: develop the ability to receive broad counsels and you will never be simple-minded. This is where safety is, a broaden perspective and approach to issues. This approach will allow you take decisions based on personal convictions and not popular opinions! Don't be narrow, shallow or parochial, go inside the deep, separate yourself and intermingle with all kinds of wisdom. Amen.

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