This Book Is Powerful!

This is no ordinary e-book! This book is destined, designed and packaged by God to bring a turnaround into your life. This book came as a product of a divine instruction from God. Now I know a lot of people go about saying 'the Lord saith this, the Lord saith that'. As common as these words are, I am careful to use them, so make no light of what I said before that God ordered that this book is packaged for your spiritual turn around.

From Philippians 1:19 God gave a word for a supernatural turn around. The instructions were clear: to engage in prayers that will provoke the supply of the Spirit for the supply of the Spirit is what brings about our turn around! This led me and my friends to 30 days of study on what the Holy Spirit can do in our lives and as we study each day on what the supply of the Spirit can do we back it up with one hour of praying in the Spirit, in tongues! The product of those 30 days is this e-book that you find in your hand: KEYS TO POWER, a 30 day devotional with the Holy Spirit.

The spiritual exercise that gave birth to this book is also the prescription for how it should be used. After you have read all the introduction and a few other chapters, from here onward this book is meant to be a study and prayer book for the next 30 days consecutively where you meditate on these words and pray in the Spirit for at least one hour a day!

That is not too much price to pay if we really desire an encounter with the power and the presence of the Spirit. Quickly let’s read Philippians 1:19, and we will make some submissions and you will be ready to go forward. 

From the pages of this book you will discover:

  • the 30 blessings of having an overflow and supply of the Spirit in your life!
  • 30 prayer points that will bring you into an overflow of the supply of the Spirit
  • 100 benefits of praying in the Spirit and much more...

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